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 Westminster Station, VT 
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Open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 4pm
Closed Sundays
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Poulin Grain Horse Feeds
Equi Pro E Tec

Equi Pro 10:12

Equi Pro Mare & Foal

Equi Pro Senior

Equi Pro Fibre Max

Equi Pro Carb Safe

Equi Pro 12:12 Pellet

Equi Pro PerforMax 12:12

Equi Pro MVP

Decade Complete

Decade Endurance Sport

Decade Sprint Extreme

Forage Extender Mini Bite
Customer Name
Poultry Feeds
​50lb Layer Pellets

25lb Layer Pellets

Egg Production Plus

Layer Crumbles

Scratch Feed

Chick Starter Non Med 25lb

Chick Starter Non Med 50lb

Chick Starter Medicated 25lb

​Chick Starter Medicated 50lb

Naturewise Layer Crumble
Dairy/Beef Feeds
Hi Line 16% Pellet

Advance Cho 20% Pellet

Opti CAF Starter

Textra 14%

Textra 16%
Grains & Ingredients
50lb Coarse Cracked Corn

Whole Oats

Whole Corn

Flaked Corn 40lb

Crimped Oats

Corn Meal
Pig, Sheep, Rabbit, Alpaca
Poulin Pig Starter

Poulin Pig Grower

Complete Sheep 16%

Stock NCA Sweet 16%

Lamb N' Kid 

CFS Sheep Mineral 4:1

Sweet Goat 18%

Meat Goat

Llama/Alpaca Maintenance

Llama/Alpaca Milk & Cria

Rabbit 18 Growth

Rabbit 16

NW Rabbit 15 25lb
Pine Shavings



Organic Feeds
​Organic Layer Pellets

Organic Scratch

Organic Cracked Corn

Organic Pig

Organic Grower Pellets

Organic Chick Starter

Organic Sheep
Other Requests (Pet foods, bird seed, cat litters, etc. enter here)
Turkey Starter Non Med 50lb

Turkey Starter Medicated 50lb

Turkey Grower Pellets

Grower/Finisher Pellets

Gamebird Crumbles

Broiler Crumbles

​GMO FREE Layer Pellets

GMO FREE Dairy Pellets

GMO FREE Pig Pellets

Nutrena Feeds
Safechoice Maintenance

Safechoice Original

Safechoice Perform

Safechoice Special Care

Safechoice Senior

Hay Extender

Hay Extender Big Bites

Empower Balancer

Empower Boost

Proforce Fuel

Proforce Senior

Proforce Fiber
16% All Stock Pellet